How to Make Money as a Bookie in 5 Easy Steps

It seems sports betting is everywhere, even in places you’re not supposed to be sports betting. Sports books are now opening up seemingly every day at airports and sports bars all around the country have become ubiquitous.

But if there’s a place you really don’t want to see sports bookies it’s the local church bazaar or, heaven forbid, your child’s school function. Nevertheless, sports bookies (the bookmakers) are there too! And they’re taking sports bets from everyone willing to lay down money on who might win the big game this weekend — even the ladies who lunch!

The fact is sports betting has come of age in America today. It wasn’t always that way as you probably know when gambling was mostly illegal in the U.S. sports bookies were active and even prevalent, but they operated underground as a sort of contraband item; you didn’t see sports books inside big, flashy sports bars; sports betting was illegal in most states so sports bookies hid their activities from public view like any other criminal enterprise.

Times have changed dramatically and today it seems everywhere we look sports bookies are on parade!

That’s all well and good for the general sports betting public who casually places a bet now and then on Super Bowl Sunday or when their favorite team is playing in the World Series. But if you’re serious about sports betting — if your livelihood depends upon being able to make a steady income off sports bets — then learning how to become a sports bookie might be in your best interest.

Being a sports bookie — or sports betting agent — is really not that complicated for anyone with the know-how and right sports bettor software; you can easily make a full time living, even if it’s doing sports betting as a part time side business!

But how do you get started? How do you get into sports betting? How much does sports betting pay? What are the legal considerations of being a sports bookie? Can you actually be successful at this endeavor? All good questions so let’s answer some of them right now…

How to Get Into Sports Betting: 5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Bookie

Whether you’d like to become a sports bookie for a sports book online or as an independent sports betting agent, you’ll need some basic info on how sports books work before you can start taking sports bets.

Here are the five steps on how to get into sports betting:

Step #1: Get Some Experience in Sports Betting

There are actually two ways you can go about getting this experience if your goal is becoming a sports bookie (or sports bettor). The first way is through actual work — that is, working for a sports book. There are actually reports of people who would call in their own line-ups and take over 10% of the action themselves just for doing so! But don’t be disappointed if this sports sports bookie job isn’t an option for you, as sports books are looking for a sports bettor who already has solid sports betting experience.

The second way to gain this sports betting experience is through sports gambling systems and sports handicapping software. There are many good sports handicapping and sports system programs out there that can help inexperienced sports bettors turn into money making machines! But while using these tools will certainly get you ahead when it comes to sports betting, they cannot replace actual experience working with the wagering line pool at a legitimate sports book or casino.

If you choose the latter approach of using sports prediction software or some other program then you should still consider spending some time in a brick-and-mortar sports book where you can learn sports betting in person with sports book sportsbook employees who will teach you the ropes of sports betting and how sports books operate.

Step #2: Submit an Application to Become a Sports Bookie

Many sports books won’t even consider allowing anyone to become a sports book until they have some sports handicapping experience under their belt so it’s important that if you’re serious about sports betting then you’ll still need to use sports prediction software, but at least do some research on what sports books are currently hiring and submit an application for employment when there is one available. Some examples of sports books that hire bettors include Action Network (, Covers ( and SportsInjuryPredictor (

Step #3: Get a License Automatically Required to Work as a Bookie

Whether you’re working for an online sports book or sports book sportsbook, whether you’re working as an independent sports betting agent or just doing some sports betting on your own, sports books require their sports bettors to have a license in order to operate within their lines — especially those who take sports bets over the phone with other people! So before you can get started taking real sports bets for profit, you’ll need to contact the state that you will be conducting sports sports book betting sports betting in and get the sports sports bookie license that you’re required to have. Some sports books also require their bettors to become certified sports handicappers as well!

Step #4: Apply for a Credit Card Processing Account

If your intention is to take sports wagers online then you’ll need a way to accept credit card payments from your sports sports bookie customers. This is where the term pay per head comes from — sometimes referred to as ‘PPH’ or pay-per-head — because it’s essentially how pay per head agents operate when collecting wagers. And although many sports books prefer receive money via check, cashier’s cheque or money order, some still accept credit cards as well — sports sports bookie sportsbooks that do accept credit cards include 5Dimes ( and SportsBetting ( The good news is that you won’t need to pay for the sports sports book sportsbook equipment or software yourself, as all pay per head companies come with their own sports sports bookie software at no additional charge!

Step #5: Manage Sports Betting Operations from Your Workstation at Home Once a sports book has hired you they’ll have all of the information that you need to open an account with them, including your login credentials and bank account details where you can deposit the money from your online sports betting operations. And that’s pretty much all sports sports book sportsbook sports sports betting sportsbook sports betting agents have to do! You’ll need to manage your online sports betting operations from a workstation at your home or apartment but there are many advantages of working from home, such as the ability to set your own hours and better manage yourself when it comes to getting rest.

And if you’re still not sure what life is like for sports sports book sportsbooks bookies then check out this link to pay per head reviews, which gives you an inside look into the daily lives of pay per head software for agents who work for online pay per head companies.